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Be safe on all your adventures

Safety is very important to us, so we've also included some guidance containing information and safety advice on this season's activities.


General advice for parents

When dealing with soil, animals or natural water sources:


  • Make sure any cuts or wounds are covered with waterproof plasters to avoid infection
  • Discourage your child from putting anything in his or her mouth
  • Wash your child's hands thoroughly afterwards
  • Make sure your child wears warm, weather resistant clothing during any activities involving water.
  • Do not consume wild plants if you have ANY medical condition pr during pregnancy.
  • Never pick a plant to eat unless you are certain you have identified it and know it is safe.
  • Take care where you are foraging: avoid places that may be polluted from heavy traffic, industry, chemical fertilisers or pesticides, and dog pee.


  • Make sure your child wears suitable footwear for any activities that may involve slippery or uneven surfaces
  • Check weather reports before any activity and avoid trees or natural water sources in wet or windy conditions
  • Supervise children at all times during these activities
  • For more challenging activities, find an organised event to ensure the safest conditions for your child