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Build the ultimate den

Make a den

Build yourself a den!

Gather together fallen branches either in the woods or your back garden and construct your own hideout. Den-building is what woods were made for. Read on to recapture your childhood, reconnect with nature or teach your kids how to build their own forest den!


How to build a den



Download Build a Den Guide (PDF, 494KB)

Safety First

  • There isn’t a ‘right’ place to build a den, but there are definitely a few wrong places: derelict buildings, cliff edges, swamps… you get the picture.
  • We aren’t saying that an adult should be there all the time but a grown-up should know what’s going on and where!
  • Keep your den lightweight, so that if it falls in, it won’t do too much damage to any den builders inside. So don’t use big heavy branches (and don’t cut off bits from living trees)
  • If you are going to dig into the ground, don’t go very deep.


Not sure where to go?

Our map will give you a few ideas of woods to visit.

Take a look