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See and hear the clash of antlers

Watch the clash of antlers

Watch the annual red deer rut

The sight and sounds of red deer stags clashing antlers in the fight for a mate is one of nature’s greatest spectacles. Our Suffolk Coast heathlands rank amongst England’s best places to witness the red deer ‘rut’.

Red deer are the largest land mammals in the UK, and one of the biggest herds lives on the Suffolk coast between the Alde and Blyth estuaries. The hinds are here all year, and are often seen in the woods or out in the reedbed near Bittern Hide. Others spend the summer in nearby woodland, including Dunwich Forest, or on Westleton Heath.   During the autumnal breeding season, known as the 'rut', the males return to claim their territory and will fight over the females, sometimes injuring each other with their sharp antlers.

Their calves are born in late May and still accompany their mothers as they all gather together in one or two large herds to await the arrival of the males.  


Watch the deer rut



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Our map will give you a few ideas of where to see them.

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