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Make a wild blackberry pie

Make a wild blackberry pie

Pick some fresh blackberries and get cooking!

Pick deliciously juicy blackberries from the hedgerows to make a tasty pie or crumble. Blackberries grow on brambles - typically found in woodland, hedges, waste ground, and shrub ground. Brambles are seen by many as weeds, and they can rapidly tangle around other plants and suffocate them. However, in the late summer, they make up for their negatives with a delicious crop of blackberries.

When you go out to pick blackberries there are some useful tips to remember. Blackberry juice will stain hands and clothing, and the brambles are covered in many sharp thorns so wear something old and sturdy (trousers not shorts, and a long sleeved shirt), and give small children gloves.


Download Blackberry and Apple Crumble recipe (PDF, 167KB)